September 25, 2020

Get hip to this hitmaker.


Today, rising Michigan rap star BFB Da Packman unveils his latest music video for "Fun Time." The record features West Coast staple Wiz Khalifa and finds the pair rapping over punch-in type beats, delivering his signature brand of brash and comedic lyricism. "Fun Time" arrives after records like "Made Me Mad" and the Sada Baby-assisted "Free Joe Exotic" (19M YouTube views).

Directed by OshotYouFilm, BFB Da Packman and Wiz Khalifa can be seen playing ball and chill in the studio amongst other things. Fellow Michigan rappers Sada Baby, Teejayx6, as well as Adam 22 of No Jumper make video cameos in the video.

"This song is going to make you up a joint and eat a dozen donuts," Packman stated about the record. He further went on to talk about getting his dream collaboration with Wiz Khalifa: "I stalked and bugged him for five years but he didn't see it. Then, he finally replied that one last time I asked him for a feature because I spammed him and had all my fans spammed him as well." Check out the video below.