Aug 8, 2017

The best of the best.


by liammccarthy


Don’t let a hectic schedule stop you from checking out the latest & greatest visual offerings from the music world. This evening, we’re comin’ at you with six music videos from the past week that you absolutely, positively need to watch. Read our weekly roundup below.


Higher Brothers – Young Master

China’s best-kept secret keeps delivering timeless visuals. The Higher Brothers are one of the most captivating groups in rap music, and their latest video proves why. Their eclectic, bi-lingual sound is absolutely intriguing and is easily able attract the ears of any rap fan. In the “Young Master” video, the group journeys through a neon-filled city while delivering some ridiculously poignant flows. Don’t miss out on the Higher Brothers and their unmatchable energy.

Brockhampton – GUMMY

Ever since Kevin Abstract previewed a clip of his verse from “Gummy,” I’ve been obsessed with the shit. The complete video proved to meet my expectations, as the California-based collective continues to prove why they’re one of the most talked-about names in music. Stellar visual direction courtesy of Abstract himself adds to the appeal of the group tremendously, contributing a lethal weapon to their impressive arsenal. Watch the “Gummy” video below & you’ll see what I mean.

Macklemore & Lil Yachty – Marmalade

Macklemore‘s new music video is pure genius. The Seattle rapper offers an adorable visual featuring younger versions of himself & Lil Yachty ridin’ round town in a stolen car, only to end up poolside at Marshawn Lynch‘s mansion. Entertaining is an understatement; be sure to peep the amusing visual.

Bad Child – Pretty Girls

Bad Child has quickly become an Elevator favorite due to his distinctive sound and unparalleled artistic approach. In the newly released cinematic visuals, the rising talent provides the perfect accompaniment to a refreshing track, making for one of the most unforgettable videos in recent memory. Listen to “Pretty Girls” and catch the new video below, I promise you won’t regret it.

Rainsford – Rendezvous

Rainsford and her sister Margaret Qualley took a DIY approach to the “Rendezvous” music video, and boy did it pay off. Challenge the record’s prominent 80’s vibe with bright colors and standout wardrobe choices, the Los Angeles-based songstress continues to radiate greatness with one of the most polished visuals of the week.