Georgia rapper Bernard Jabs is back on the ELEVATOR YouTube with his new visual for his track “Wasabi,” and if this track is at all indicative of his upcoming project I think we are all in for some incredible music from Jabs in the future. The teenager has long been one of my favorite talents and I strongly believe that it is only a matter of time until Bernard Jabs becomes a household name.

He oozes natural rapping ability and effortlessly switches flows and has an innate vocal gift that allows him to masterfully cycle through different pitches, making every verse and hook Bernard lays down different and entertaining. The instrumental supplied by Charlie Shuffler blends a downtrodden melody with thumping percussion which seems to be the beat pattern that Bernard Jabs performs best at. I am so excited about his upcoming project and think it is only a matter of time until Bernard Jabs is regarded as a rap heavyweight. The only direction he can go is up.

Watch the “Wasabi” visual here: