Aug 25, 2017

Feed your fix for catchy pop music.


by liammccarthy


Hailing from Sweden, Ben Phipps has that sweet poppy summer sound you’ve been searching everywhere for. Linking up with Los Angeles songstress Lizzy Land for his latest single “Mrs Mr,” Phipps offers a vibrant sound by stirring textures and layering electronic arrangements.

Ben offers more on his creative process saying, “I was listening to music on Spotify and one of Lizzy’s songs was on my Discover Weekly. I really liked what I heard, so I reached out to see if she wanted to work on something with me. She came back with an idea that I loved, we spent a day in the studio together and boom, we had a song.”

Stream “Mrs Mr” below and stay tuned for more invigorating tunes from Ben Phipps.