Behind the Tweets: Antonio Lmao

Learn more about one of Twitter’s most popular personalities.

In an attempt to unmask the unsung heroes of Twitter, we caught up with @aayylmao for our second edition of Behind The Tweets. Learn more about Antonio’s organic following of 106k users & hear how he got his start in the social media game by reading our column below.


Name: Antonio

Age: 23

Hometown: Palm Springs, CA

Where’d your username come from?

At the time when I started my Twitter I had a huge impact on the “ayy lmao” meme so I thought I’d just go with @aayylmao.

When did you first join Twitter and what were your intentions?

I joined Twitter probably around 2010 and had a previous Twitter account that I built up to 30,000 followers. I don’t use it anymore though. I didn’t really have intentions, I just started to tweet dumb shit lol.

Have you always hidden your identity on Twitter?

I don’t hide my identity. I just don’t post myself often. There are photos of me on my Instagram.

Why’d you chose to focus attention on Twitter, and not Instagram or Snapchat or another social media outlet?

I’ve always just enjoyed Twitter the most, but am now slowly putting time into Instagram. I feel as if most memes originate from Twitter, it’s always been hilarious.

When did you start to notice traction on your account?

I always have stupid thoughts run through my mind and decided to Tweet them. For some reason people would retweet my ridiculously shitty tweets and now here we are lmao.

What was the first tweet of yours that went viral?

I can’t remember, but I’m sure it was stupid.

How quickly have you accumulated your following?

It’s been a few years.

Do your friends know about your Twitter? Your parents?

Yes. My mom hates it ahah.

If real-life friends that were previously unaware of your Twitter find out, are they usually surprised? Would a normal person expect you to have a hilarious personality online?

I don’t go around bragging about my Twitter, but when people do find out they aren’t too surprised because I say some stupid shit in real-life lol.

What’s the most popular tweet you’ve ever had?

This one.

Personal favorite tweet?

This is tough. I love all of my awful tweets because I’m the best shout out to me.

Any Twitter trends that you can claim?

I played a massive part in why the “ayy lmao” meme got to where it was.

What’s the weirdest interaction you’ve had with someone through Twitter?

I have met so many people through Twitter, but no weird interactions just great experiences.

With so many accounts paying for interactions rather than growing an organic base, do you think we’ll see any major changes within the Twittersphere in the coming months?

The accounts paying for interactions and joining those “tweet decks” won’t last. A tweet deck is when a bunch of losers with bigger followings get together and retweet each other for interactions. Anything that’s not organic will die out.

Do you plan on turning social media into a career?

I have. I’ve worked at several marketing agencies because of my knowledge in social media/marketing. I eventually got into running the marketing for an A-list recording producer. I’ve worked on marketing campaigns with Warner Music Group and other major record labels. I now work full time in artist management and travel tons. I owe a lot to Twitter tbh.