Apr 16, 2019

by Cydney Lee


As a fan of multiple players in the Beast Coast collective, I have strong opinions about their movements as of late. They are extremely underrated to say the least, both as a whole and individually. Since their debut as a cohort, I am anticipating everything they have in store and you should too.

I have been a fan of Joey Bada$$ and Flatbush Zombies for quite some time now. It wasn’t until I was demanded to yell “Pro Era Era, Pro Era Era Eraaa” at each of their concerts did I put two and two together and realize how they are connected.

Beast Coast has a solid roster of Brooklyn voices. Along with Joey and FBZ, Nyck Caution, Kirk Knight, CJ Fly, and The Underachievers are amongst other major players in this formation.

Last month, the supergroup dropped their first collective single, “Left Hand.” Meechy Darko of FBZ is all over this, as he provides his usual sinister and aggressive delivery on the song’s chorus.

Last week, they returned with their second single, “Coast/Clear.” More melodic than its predecessor, this new track confirms their ability to coexist and produce a harmonious track despite the various tones each artist possesses.

Beast Coast is indubitably on the rise. Their debut album is on the way and fans can catch them on their Escape From New York Tour this summer. In the meantime, peep “Left Hand” and “Coast/Clear” below.