Aug 25, 2018

“I got them white bitches off the Molly like Bonnaroo.”


by jgregory


BBY Goyard has had a pretty amazing year. His Elevator premiered track “Run Shannon Run” asserted him as a cornerstone in the underground scene and he has continued to push boundaries with his experimental and oftentimes risky flow. Goyard takes more vocal risks on his newest EP with DJPHATT, as he rarely sounds the same on two tracks, and mixes flows and paces to match the altered vocals.

DJPHATTT’s instrumentals are more glossy than some of the hardstyle and almost EDM music that Goyard has teased, but the majority of this tape is the bright and electronic tone that we heard on Run Shannon Run. This EP is some of BBY Goyard’s better work, and DJPHATTT is also very impressive throughout.

Stream “BBYPHATTT Vol. 1” below.