Oct 10, 2018

“And if I’m clout chasing at least you alive to take it”.


by Mike_Squid


Well, that didn’t take long. Broward’s Bass Santana took to Soundcloud earlier today to make his feelings heard on the rumored Vic Mensa freestyle that took aim at Bass’ deceased Broward comrade, XXXTentacion.

The freestyle was unveiled this past weekend at the BET awards filming in Miami, the home turf of XXX and his extended Members Only family. Bass’ response is eviscerating on every level, from touching on Vic’s own past abuse allegations, his lack of relevancy and subsequent jealousy, it’s clear that Vic has become public enemy number one in Broward County.

Bass wields his lyrical prowess throughout the heavy instrumental. With bars “And if I’m clout chasing, at least you alive to take it” Bass makes his intentions clear. Elsewhere, he also addresses Vic’s apparent desire to run a fade, “Who wanna fight you, nobody cares about you, nobody hates you or likes you. Real niggas only, I guess the forgot to invite you”. Lastly, Bass continues to address Mensa as Victoria while echoing the long live Jah sentiments felt by so many.

Bass didn’t neglect the cover art either, prominently featuring a couple of photos of Vic looking like anything but someone ready for a fade. Let’s be clear though, Vic doesn’t want these problems, lyrically or physically. Might be time for an apology instead of tough guy posturing.