Bass Santana is lining himself up to be one of Broward County’s brightest star with his latest mixtape, “Before The Mosh.” First hearing of Bass Santana off of the XXXTentacion-led Members Only, Volume 3, it was apparent that Santana had all the skills to hang in the company of the stars leading the Broward County scene.

Before The Mosh is an incredible offering of 14 self-produced tracks, finding Bass Santana crafting some of the best music to come out of the South Florida area. Where some of the music coming from the area borders on the hectic, Bass gives every song a high polish shine, flexing his songwriting and structure throughout the mixtape. Bass Santana does a top-notch job of bouncing back and forth between the hyper-aggressive sounds like “mix it | bloody sprite,” juxtaposed with the reflections on life with tracks like “god got us,” into the very smooth, saxaphone-sampled “i dont trust shit idc.”

Some other names might have kicked the door open for the South Florida sound, but Bass Santana is proving he is here to stay, and sneakily might be the most well-rounded artist out of the bunch. Bass Santana’s writing is just as strong as his production talents, and being self-produced gives him a high level of control and creativity in his music. Bass can bring the heat, the lyrics, the turn up, and the wordplay like a boxer can throw combinations. It’s only a matter of time before Bass Santana hits that knockout punch heard around the world.

Check out the tape below.