by ASadler


We’ve all had those people in our lives who wanted more from us than we wanted from them, and celebrities experience that tenfold. The difficult part can be letting those people know that you don’t want anything further, and completely severing ties with that occasional crazy one who has trouble letting go. Dreamville’s Bas, 31, illustrates this perfectly in his new video for “Fragrance,” featuring Correy C and coming off of his latest album Milky Way.

Situations like those start out harmlessly, and this visual was no different. The Queens rapper, in the middle of a nice drink and checking his phone, is paid a visit by a lovely lady with an intoxicating fragrance. They kick it before they knock the boots. Like all fantasies, the fun came to an end and the reality set in that she was actually quite annoying. Who really wants to wake up to a woman you barely know taking selfies of you?

The story continues with him trying to pawn her off to his friend, to no avail. From there, things get way funnier. The video certainly triggers a feeling of empathy for those who have been in the Sudanese-American artist’s position, followed by triumph when it seems he finally got away. The video’s ending, while frustrating for some, is an accurate depiction of how this very relatable situation goes for many of us.

One thing that Dreamville’s camp never fails to do is deliver videos that are high quality and inclusive of narratives that are applicable to people’s lives. While humorous, Bas’s experiences with this woman speak to the trials and tribulations of fame, along with how people can be perceived when they engage with famous people in a certain way. The thirst is and always will be real. Check the video out for “Fragrance” and learn a thing or two about how you can keep the groupies at bay.