Oct 12, 2018

by ASadler


Back in April 2017, Bad Bunny was touring through Europe leaked a snippet of a song that sounded like his standard Latin trap bop. In January, he was seen on Instagram story hanging out with superstar Drake in what appeared to be a studio. They teased they were working on music while something played in the background. Naturally, social media went into a frenzy and everyone was wondering when and if the song would actually drop.

The Puerto Rican sensation and the 6 God have been working very hard this year in their respective lanes, breaking records and giving fans a ton of music. Today they gave fans what they’ve been waiting for, finally dropping off their single titled “MIA” reportedly recorded in a city they and many artists love, Miami. They wasted no time giving fans what they would inevitably ask for, as the single released along with a video.

It’s a huge party on someone’s front lawn, adorned with Puerto Rican flags and hookahs. The two stars sing in front of a car, play dominos with the homies, and enjoy the presence of all of the beautiful women drinking and dancing around them. While it may not be the most complex video, it seems like they are really enjoying themselves and each other’s company which complements the overall vibe of the song.

It’s no secret Drake has an appreciation for Latin music, after collaborating with Romeo Santos on “Odio” back in 2014. That track featured him singing in Spanish before coming back with a rap verse. While that was more of a heartfelt ballad, this one is absolutely for the parties. Drake solely sings in Spanish on this upbeat, fun song that is sure to do numbers very quickly.

The crossover appeal here is strong, and it’s evidence of the two looking to grow their global fanbases even more in making music everyone can enjoy. One can only imagine what it’s going to be like if and when they perform “MIA” live. Check the video and song out for yourself above.