Jan 25, 2019

Press play on B Jack$’s latest anthem.


by ASadler


I’ll be the first to say as much as I do enjoy lyrical complexity in music, I can always go for a mindless track to turn up to. I equally admire an artist who makes it clear that is their intent. “Hugh Hef” by B Jack$ out of New Jersey is a booming trap cut that will blow your eardrums but you’re so caught up in moshing you may not even care.

Don’t confuse mindless with an inability to rap though, as he certainly does utilize the beat to its full extent with a cool flow and engaging voice. It’s all about running up a check with a side of sex. We’re human at the end of the day, so we like money and we have desires.

We’ve previously covered “Tiger Woods” by this energetic artist, and given his work ethic, there’s bound to be another single coming soon. He promises to show how heavy the bars are. Check out “Hugh Hef” below.