Jul 24, 2019

My mama told me to run from people like you.


by DevinRobertson


I hate to say it but sometimes our parents are right. If we listen to the advice of our elders we could avoid potentially dangerous situations and that’s the lesson AWFM had to learn on his newest single ‘Run’. Yet, the self-proclaimed Weirdo From Memphis had to experience these hardships himself, he rebukes his detractors and revels in his emotional growth over this incredibly hard hitting C MaJor production. The already smacking track really kicks it into high gear when the soulful Cameron Bethany appears on the second verse to help your soul ascend to the heavens. 

‘Run’ is a fun track that showcases AWFM’s goofy yet grounded personality. The pink-eared MC is unapologetic in his weirdness and we’re all the better for it.

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