Aug 2, 2019

“My mama told me to run from people like you that want the worse for me.”


by DevinRobertson


The Weirdo is back on the Run with the visuals to his freshly released single. A Weirdo From Memphis recruits his partners-in-crime Cameron Bethany and C MaJor for the brightly colored visuals. Helmed by About 35 Miles, the creative video finds the trio of artists performing the bouncy track with clips of Jamaican speedster Usain Bolt interspersed throughout. During the ascendant Cameron Bethany verse, the group watches themselves perform on television in a way too meta moment. 

The pink-eared emcee is a ball of energy that commands the screen with his off-kilter flow and exaggerated movements. His infectious demeanor is sure to supercharge you and make you wanna run too.