Feb 20, 2019

The new single looks to be an explosion into the international scene.


by HOwens


Australian rapper Masked Wolf is ready to explode into the international scene with “Vibin”; a monstrous single that finds the emcee in his bag. He comes equipped with flurries of triplet flows, as he barely takes a break throughout the track’s duration. The production, courtesy of Tyron Hapi, is nothing short of a blockbuster, with pulsating, high-octane synths and thunderous 808s throughout. The premise is simple; he’s feeling himself; he’s “vibin”.

“Vibin” contrasts Masked Wolf’s last single “Speed Racer”, which was more of a late-night, high-way driving sing-a-long anthem. Both, however, foreshadow a big year for the rapper, who is bound to have more in store. For a hint of what’s coming, stream the new single below.