Memphis natives ATM Richbaby and Duke Deuce are back with a hilarious visual for their single “Freaky Lil Bih,” and this is already one of my favorite videos to come out of the 901 this year, purely off of the sheer absurdity of the video and the content of the track. I don’t want to get into the specifics of this video’s antics, but check it out and see them for yourself. ATM Richbaby and Duke Deuce have both been making big names for themselves this summer, both of them posting millions upon millions of streams across platforms. It seems that Memphis produces a goofy banger every summer and between Duke Deuce’s “Yeh” and now “Freaky Lil Bih” it seems we have been blessed with two this go around.

Watch the “Freaky Lil Bih” video here: