Mar 21, 2020

by Mighty


Atlanta is always stockpiled on artists every year. This year, it’s all about the rising star Only One Felipe. He has the charisma and charm to win you over as a listener, boasting flows that are always different on each record. This past week, Felipe delivered a 14-track project called Thank You For Not Believing and it’s smoking hot. It features some industry heavyweights from K Camp, TeeJayx6, Nessly, and several more. That’s not an easy line up to gain for a project, which means Only One Felipe is well respected.

Felipe is putting his foot down and laying the rules on his project with no issue. All that hard work is finally paying off for Felipe in a major way. His previous project, The Only One Felipe 2, paved the way for Felipe to drop his new masterpiece. With a solid team backing him each step of the way, Felipe is destined to be a star.