Jul 24, 2019

CLEW. is one of. the hottest up and comers out of Atlanta’s burgeoning lighter, alternative scene.


by jgregory


I was introduced to Clew’s music, like many others I am sure, through a twitter video snippet for his track “First Whip” that immediately captivated me from first glance and since he has released a very solid project as well as an array of loose singles, but his latest effort “DEAD OR ALIVE” is an interesting next step for the Atlantan musically, as his earlier work was more strictly rapping with some harmony and melody, but since he has totally jumped off the porch and into this lane completely.

The nyck produced single is smooth and shows both the emotive depth to Clew’s singing and writing and also shows his impressive vocal range that is necessary to pack that deal of emotion onto one’s voice. I greatly enjoyed this song and video as well as the rest of Clew’s catalog and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Watch “DEAD OR ALIVE” here: