Feb 13, 2020

by Mighty


Wielding hypnotic auto-tuned melodies and relatable lyrics, Big Havi specializes in soul-searching trunk rattlers. After gaining traction in his hometown with hot singles and high-profile collaborations, Havi shares Personal Problems, his debut project. Effortlessly alternating triplet-rhyming with taffy-like melodies, Havi combines his tuneful style with emotional lyricism, opening up about his past struggles and his desire to reach G.O.A.T. status in the rap game.

The new project is home to the heat-seeking single “9 Times Out Of 10,” which features a verse from Lil Baby, and boasts new highlights like the immersive trap ballad “Love Gone,” the bouncy, country-fried “808s,” and mission statement opening track “Grimey As Eva.” Featuring an additional appearance from Derez De’Shon, Personal Problems is out now via Commission Records.