ASAP Rocky has become quite the narrator when it comes to the level of visual execution he has put forth continuously throughout the years—latest visual for “Sundress” is a marvelous addition to his vault of phenomenal displays. Excitingly enough, Rocky is also back to give us a taste of an astonishing sample from “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind”, pulled from 2010’s Innerspeaker album by the illustrious Australian ensemble, Tame Impala.

From the start of the video, the alluring Kesewa Aboah is seen riding in a car with Rocky, smoking a cigarette carelessly in the passenger seat. As they ride to their destination, she looks out of the window, locking into a man walking down the street with two other women. As the scene progresses and shadows pass, the face of the man morphs into the face of Rocky himself, as she is clearly taken aback by this sight.

This begins the installment of a trippy journey, presented through a series of storytelling clips that which revive the viral 2016 internet trend, “The Mannequin Challenge”—each actor in the video remaining frozen in action as the camera travels throughout each scene. Showcasing the New York nightlife through unorthodox colorways & camera angles, Rocky communicates an eclecticism that makes him truly multifaceted as a creative director and a musician—this visual taking new angles of implementation in production, now expanding them to surreal high grounds.

Press play to view the video below: