Dec 29, 2018

by ASadler


Few moments are as refreshing as that moment of clarity when you realize someone isn’t riding for you the way you ride for them, and you’re going to switch things up. No hard feelings, but you’ve got to boss up and value yourself the way you know you deserve. Ariaa decided to drop this gift of clarity off on Christmas Day on her new single “Space Coupe.”

Over 808s, synths and hi-hats produced by the Waco, Texas rapper express his inability to interact with the same people who he’s grown tired of. It feels aimed at both men he’s worked with and women from his past. “Shit I did you right, but bitch you dead me left, now I gotta flex when the space coupe drop me off right on a jet.” There’s a certain passion and firmness in the vocals that make it hit. He had goals for a while that he shared with folk, but their visions are no longer similar and he’s moving on.

The breakdown at the end of the song feels even more impassioned. The feeling of not wanting to be in this world because of how some people operate is very relatable. The Persian American artist has delivered a quality song because of the fact many will be able to identify with wanting to catch a ride in space coupe to a jet and going elsewhere.

This song closes off a hot year for Ariaa, who cracked two million streams worldwide with “Farsi” featuring the autotune god T-Pain. He also collaborated with the talented Mikey100k back in October for “Between Us” and is gearing up for an even bigger 2019. Tap into this new single, and when things get rough I hope you too can find your “Space Coupe.”