Oct 26, 2018

by ASadler


Summer may be over, but we can always appreciate those tracks that sound like they’d be a great fit for the heat. Ariaa, from Waco, Texas, has delivered just that on today with “Between Us” featuring Mikey100k. The upbeat, melodic track sets an aura that would be ideal for hookahs and hours of dancing.

Despite the fun vibes, it’s a crooner. Both men sing about their feelings for their ladies and the things they do to make their relationships work. It’s one of those songs that if you really feel it, you can end up crying in the club. Or you can just catch the best twerk of your life.

Ariaa was born Persian-American and has always had a deep love for Hip-Hop and R&B. You can hear both the Southern and Iranian influence in his sound, especially the use of autotune. He’s enjoyed a year of growth and recognition after signing with Republic Records. His recent song “Farsi” featuring autotune legend T-Pain has done over 2 million streams worldwide.

He draws strength and energy from the fact that many people of his descent aren’t taken seriously where he’s from when it comes to pursuing music. The inspirational stories of artists like Lil Wayne50 Cent, and Chief Keef only fueled him to push forward even more.

“I want people to get inspiration when they hear me. I really took a risk by following my dream.” With co-signs by several large publications, a huge feature from T-Pain, and a work ethic like his, lord knows where Ariaa will end up next and who else he manages to work with. Check out the new single “Between Us” below and the rest of his unique content.

Ariaa: @ariaaii

Mikey100k: @mikey100k