Nov 17, 2018

Dreamville’s not so secret weapon has been a tear lately.


by Mike_Squid


Ari Lennox has one of the most impressive mixes of natural vocal ability and carefully crafted rhymes that you’ll find. The Dreamville mainstay has continued to show evolution over the course of the past few years, lately, Lennox has opted to release a string of satisfying singles with consistent acclaim.

Her latest is a dual release including “Pedigree”, a jazzy record anchored by Ari’s angelic vocals. As both Lennox’s quality and quantity remain unrivaled, it may not be long before we get a full-length project as well. “No One” finds a lamenting Lennox upset that she’s got nobody to connect with

Press play on the smooth new singles below. It likely won’t be long before we hear Lennox again.