Jun 9, 2017

by liammccarthy


Updated 9:45 PM ET, Thu June 8, 2017

XXXTentacion has revealed via SnapChat that the alleged attacker was indeed not Rob Stone, as reported by a few sources. The South Florida rapper said “Anybody talkin’ bout it was that pussy artist, just some you know it was some affiliates from San Diego that snuck in through the side, paid a security offer to come in and snuff me out. She thought they was ‘gon jump me, but we was too deep.” X seems to be fine, and even tempted haters to pull up to his show in California tonight, saying “I’m still in Cali, I want all the smoke. Come to the show, I’m in your mothafuckin’ state. Bring all the pressure, come knock me out. Aight?”

Check out the full video below to hear his direct account of what went down.

Written 10:06 AM ET, Thu June 8, 2017

I woke up this morning to a video on Twitter of Broward County rapper XXXTentacion getting sucker-punched during his headlining set in San Diego. At first it didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary, especially for an X show. I mean shit, just a few weeks ago Wifisfuneral got jumped on the damn same tour and that’s already old news. But, after reading more about the incident and the unnecessary commotion it incited, I’ve come to the conclusion that this shit has got to stop.

Keep reading below to learn everything we know about the unfortunate incident.


1. The Brawl

A normal night at the sold-out San Diego music venue Observatory North Park took a turn for the worse around 8:45 pm when the headling performer XXXTentacion was rushed on stage and sucker-punched by an unknown individual. Security from seemingly every angle of the venue immediately jumped on stage and began beating the living crap out of the attacker. Allegedly X was unconscious for two minutes following the hit, and shortly after the show was ended abruptly.

xxxtentacion got jumped on stage tonight supposedly by rob stone and his homies . Smh pic.twitter.com/K7Iu99Lock

— DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) June 8, 2017

2. The Riot

Immediately after the crowd was dismissed from the San Diego venue, the streets flooded with angry fans petitioning for their beloved X. Though labeling it a “riot” might be a stretch to some, police sirens and “Fuck Rob Stone!” chants were heard for hours following the concert (see video below). There are currently no injuries reported from these happenings.

This is might sound crazy but this is fan love @xxxtentacion #xxxtentacionfight #xxxtentacionchallenge #xxxtentaction pic.twitter.com/ekhAy3P14z

— Young_sesh (@Young_seshh) June 8, 2017

3. The Stabbing

Not a lot of information is available at the moment about the alleged stabbing that took place backstage following the brawl. Its been reported by several local news stations in Diego that the victim was a 19 year-old concertgoer and was transported to the hospital, though he’s in stable condition and was released earlier this morning. Whether the stabbing victim was affiliated with any of the performers is unknown but we’ll surely keep you posted on that.


4. Drake’s involvement

DJ Akademiks was quick to call out Drake for liking a series of comments that clearly mocked XXXTentacion’s knockout. The Canadian rapper has been beefing with X ever since being called out for biting the “Look At Me!” flow and doesn’t seem to have any sympathy for last nights’ events.

Drake on the gram liking comments under the post of xxxtentacion getting knocked out ?‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/hM74lg1vc0

— DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) June 8, 2017

5. The Attacker

Many are assuming that San Diego rapper Rob Stone is behind the attack, though nothing has been released confirming his involvement. Stemming from a confirmed beef with Members Only affiliate Ski Mask The Slump God while on tour with Desiigner earlier this year, it wouldn’t surprise me if Stone was indeed behind the punch. Stay tuned for more info regarding this.