Nov 16, 2018

London’s own ALI3NHEAD is making his presence felt.


by GregGaffney


From across the pond, ALI3NHEAD visits the Elevator pages with his captivating visual for “Crystal Lake”. ALI3NHEAD has a deep emotive quality to his music and adding the futuristic cut scenes to the visuals for “Crystal Lake”, it gives viewers the opportunity to dive head first into the world that ALI3NHEAD is creating. Unlike typical music videos, there is no one in the scene with ALI3NHEAD as he strolls the streets of the city late at night, his face covered in a mix of shadows, bright lights, and hidden behind his dreads.

ALI3NHEAD has been carving his lane in the packed London scene, most notably by linking with fellow artist scarlxrd, with the two performing in shows in the city. London’s diverse musical spectrum has something for everyone, and fans of the Gothboiclique-type wave will certainly enjoy the sounds that ALI3NHEAD has to offer with his recently released EP, A3.

Check out both the visual and the EP below.