July 27, 2018

“They didn’t wanna love me then, but they wanna love me now.”


Ali makes his debut to our pages today with an intense set of visuals for his new track “Funeral”. Artists tweet content at us countless times every day, but it’s uncommon that something we find something this raw on Twitter. Produced by J. Robb, the bouncy beat gives plenty of room for Ali to showcase his nimble, yet murderous flow.

The video itself is something to admire, with remarkable shots from Lonecricket that portray the Bear, Delaware artist losing his life in all sorts of ways. It’s edited with rapid transitions and insane effects that make the visual side of this project just as captivating as the sonic side.

“They didn’t wanna love me then, but they wanna love me now, man I had to tell them ni**as I’m dead // She didn’t wanna fuck me then, but she wanna fuck me now, so I had to tell that hoe that I’m dead” he rap-sings on the hook.

With a refreshingly creative vision and eye-opening bars to match, Ali should be on your radar. Stream his latest video below.