March 23, 2021

From Toronto to the World

Yuni Morales

Alexia Madrid debuted her first single “For Me” in April of 2020, an introduction to her distinct sound—one defined by its hypnotic rhythm, catchy hooks, and strong pop aesthetic. Madrid is of Argentinian and Chilean descent, which, alongside classical training, blends into the background and influence in her music as she crafts immersive soundscapes and soothing melodies. 

To mark her return almost a year on, Madrid’s upcoming debut album When Things Fall Apart demonstrates her multifaceted talent, blending these distinct influences into a more refined evolution of sound. Featuring production from TK, When Things Fall Apart mediates on feelings of love, nostalgia, letting go, and, ultimately, resolution. 

"Love Ain't Enough" will be featured on her upcoming project and the visual further reveals she is on the path to success in the music industry. The video was released a few hours ago and has already amassed over 7k+ views on YouTube! Keep running up the views on the music video for "Love Ain't Enough" below!