Seattle based rapper, AJ Suede, is no new addition to the realm of experimental hip-hop. Originally packing up his life and moving from Harlem, New York to Seattle, Washington, AJ steadily bridges the gap between the two places with his vibrant yet gritty sound, while also exuding a level of confidence that is spoken heavily throughout his newest video release titled “Gas Light”.

Produced by WOLFTONE, soft piano keys that remind you of a rainy day in a coffee shop, play gently over a knocking beat— creating an eclectic balance of tones throughout the song. AJ’s flow is full of substance and of a powerful presence as well, demanding your ear’s attention.

Directed and edited by Omar Jones, distorted edits and mind-blowing camera angles fall in line with the energy AJ puts forth. His lyrics are also flush with what is happening in the video—which highlights the intricate details of AJ’s overall message.

Press play to view the video below: