I am very pleased and excited to introduce you all to an extremely talented hip-hop duo known as 3Fortiori. Made up of Feek and Wyatt Walker, this dynamic group is miles ahead of the curve, quickly cultivating a loyal fanbase for their intense vibrations.

The duo’s rapid ascension to the top is thanks to their original and fresh sounds, crafted from a mix of genres and inspirations. They recently blessed their fans with a brilliant new 4-track EP titled Synergy. Their producer, Jon G, handled instrumentals for the entire EP and also appears as a feature on the first and last singles (“Step Back” & “Issues”). The third single “Don’t Fall” is my absolute favorite of the project.

Listen to it here.

As influencers on YouTube, 3Fortiori are expeditiously growing to become the next stars of the music industry. Catch on to them now and enjoy their new Synergy EP below.