Sep 17, 2015

by Duke


So I know this isn’t music, but get a load of this fucking guy. Spent 6 whole months of his life (and $1,500, which is even crazier) making a sandwich from scratch. No you didn’t understand me, like literally from scratch. HE MADE THE FUCKING CHEESE. You can watch the abbreviated montage of the entire process below, or there are individual episodes for each sandwich component if you literally have nothing to do with your life. Only full episode I might watch is the chicken one, whole thing took kind of a dark turn when he murked that thing. I’m a sucker for the poultry snuff film genre.

Real talk though, If I’m being honest, lock this guy up and throw away the key. We don’t need to be putting kids in jail for bags of weed, we need to be putting psychos like this away for life. Just complete and utter insanity to do this shit. A decent sandwich costs like 10 bucks tops, don’t be a hero.