Ace has already made a lot of noise in the London trap scene this year, as his video for “Plenty” and several of his other singles caught on very quickly and built him a small, but already dedicated cult following alongside a healthy hype about the music he has to come. “Where I’m From” is the culmination of this buzz building and the numbers are speaking for themselves. In 24 hours thousands of people are already storming the video to hear the new heat from the man who has been dubbed the first trap rapper to blow up out of London.

Now, sonically this is quite different from the American trap you know from this side of the pond, but this is more about the instrumentation rather than being an exact match with all of the conventions of our brand of trap. Ace’s delivery is melodic and his lyrics are both deeply personal and many are actually pretty clever. For example, his Harry Kane double-entendre was quite possibly my favorite line of the track. Ace has massive potential and I think it is only a matter of time until he blows all the way up.

Watch the “Where I’m From” visual here: