Aug 29, 2017



By: Devin Robertson

New York’s A$AP Mob follows up last year’s Cozy Tapes Col. 1: Friends with Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy. Volume 2 really ups the ante on the Friends concept of Volume 1. Too Cozy succeeds in recreating all fun of Friends this time with 99% more friends.

The Mob purposely slated their individual releases as a sort of bridge into the group’s album with members Ferg and Twelvyy releasing albums just one and two weeks earlier respectively. The album features the singles “Feels So Good” and the incredible “RAF” (now with BOTH Frank Ocean verses) which virtually broke the Internet when it leaked.

Cozy Tapes vol 2 is an accessible affair with a slew of guests outside of the Mob members themselves including Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, Key!, Schoolboy Q, Joey Bada$$, Frank Ocean, Playboi Carti, and others. Not to be outshined by the plethora of rapping talent the tape boasts some STUPID production from Franchise, Pierre Bourne, Hit-Boy, Southside, Dun Deal, and RZA(!!).

Rocky runs point throughout the course of the album appearing on almost of the tracks—sans Twelvyy’s and Zack’s “Coziest”—and serving as the stabilizing force amidst the rotating cast of characters. This serves as an showcase for Rocky’s impeccable flow which is easily one of the most flexible in rap. On the album’s intro “Perry Aye” featuring a distorted Jaden Smith he starts off with an incredible alliterative quatrain:

“Out in Paris like I’m Perry Ellis/
Parisian people love parasailing/
Parallel park the 911/
Parisian stones fuck yo’ VVS'”

Ferg always impresses with his equally dextrous flow but he simply doesn’t show up as much as Rocky, which is fine since he literally just dropped an album the week before. Despite the camaraderie Vol. 2’s track list is a noticeably packed. 14 (17 if you count the 3 skits) tracks feature more than 4 people with “Bahamas,” “Get the Bag” and “What Happens”— of the best songs on the album—breaking out at a least 6-man rotation. It’s hard to count that against them as virtually every feature hits the mark. Guwop floats on his “Please Shut Up” feature as usual. Chief Keef delivers an undeniably catchy chorus on “Blowin’ Minds” over some of the bounciest Pierre Bourne production. Smooky MarGielaa steals the show on every song he appears on. Schoolboy Q shines on “Bahamas.” Playboi Carti finds his way on the RZA-produced Beast Coast posse cut “What Happens” alongside Joey Bada$$ & Flatbush Zombies and doesn’t feel out of place at all. Hearing Big Sean and Rocky slickly trade bars and effortlessly bend flows on “Frat Rules” over Hit-Boy and Southside production might be one of the most memorable rap moments of 2017. And do I even have to mention “RAF?”

Too Cozy picks up right where Friends left off last year. It’s a fun affair full of premium flows and production even though sometimes it focuses more on guests than the members of A$AP Mob.
The sheer amount of slappers is sure to keep this one in rotation for a while.

Standout Tracks:
Get The Bag
Walk On Water
Frat Rules