Feb 5, 2017

A$AP Ant delivers an alternative remix of his killer track “Finances.”


by DJ_Syon


As time ticks closer to SXSW we have to expect to get hit in the head with A$AP Mob content. Most predict them to have a huge influence during one of the biggest festivals of the year once again. A$AP Ant (aka YG Addie) continues to milk the worth of his new “Finances” track which has a previously released remix that included some of the hottest buzzing rappers out of the ATL. This time we get a remix that includes A$AP Mob members Ferg and Twelvyy. Sanchez provides the trap sound of the track with his production as A$AP Ant adds the over the stove type of hook. A$AP Ferg does his job with easy as he adds a energy building verse. Twelvyy does a great job of painting the picture for the track with his lyrical abilities. Take a listen to the trap infested track below.