Apr 4, 2018

Prepare to be encapsulated by 93FEETOFSMOKE’s overpowering energy.


by GregGaffney


For kids who grew up on pop-punk and grunge, 93FEETOFSMOKE carries the torch into the new age by using elements of rap production to further push the boundaries of the aforementioned genres. The Los Angeles-based artist teamed up with one of his closest collaborators in Fats’e to deliver a truly angsty music video for his single “stfugafm, complete with guitar stomping and endless head-banging.

With the use of punk samples in season for rap production, 93FEETOFSMOKE tackles it from the opposite side of the spectrum, starting with reverberated guitar and heavy drum patterns as the hip-hop production element seamlessly blends to offer an additional bounce and energy.

It’s a shame that Warped Tour is in it’s last season, because with energy like this, it’s safe to say 93FEETOFSMOKE would be a shoe-in for 2018.