Ever encountered a woman so fine that you genuinely feel a hot sensation? No? Tough, love has seemingly evaded you. That’s not the case for Los Angeles multi-talent 92 Colby, who’s encountered a fair maiden in new single “Melt.” He spends the entirety of the self-produced song discussing how cold she is, ironically, and describing all the things he wants to do for her.

“My new ting so cold, ooh she got me froze” he sings over the hook before saying he doesn’t want to melt away due to how fast she moves. I particularly loved the “I wonder how you taste on fries” line because all progressive human beings are eating ice cream on their fries, duh. He really carries the ice cream references throughout the track, likening his girl to French vanilla, butter pecan, chocolate and caramel.

It’s a multi-layered track that’s fun to follow. The way his voice shifts along with the transitions feels fluid for the trained ear, and puts on full display the benefits of seeing a song through from beginning to end while having a hand in all aspects of its creation. There’s soul, an infectious bounce, and a melody as sweet as Häagen-Dasz.

Colby brings that unique West Coast flavor, but his sound is very much so his own. We’ve seen it on his recently-released project Threat, lead by single “The Dude.” and his 2018 project Wes Wes. He’s been causing a lot of commotion on Instagram, flipping one of Kanye West’s Sunday Service beats into something spectacular. Vocalist, songwriting, producer, instrumentalist, wow. Can he make his own ice cream to?

Maybe we’ll find out, but for now check out “Melt” by 92 Colby.