Jan 26, 2019

92 Colby delivers an impressive tandem of new tracks.


by ASadler


There’s a lot of good music out there to dance to for sure, but nothing has that bounce like something coming from the far West Coast and my ideal place to live, California. Debuting a new name, Sacramento’s own 92 colby unleashed the hottest thing since James Harden‘s game at Madison Square Garden this week with his new single “The Dude.”

His multi-instrumental background and affinity for Hip Hop, Jazz and R&B are evident early on. This is undoubtedly a banger, but it’s not all 808s and hi-hats. It’s a pleasant reminder that live instrumentation can be finessed into exceptional pieces of work. And the artist certainly has the outlook to match the creation.

“Got a lil’ mommy, she don’t give me drama, I make her laugh, I’m a dork, You can learn from me.” The dork has been looked down upon for a while, but there are indeed some dorks out there winning and pulling some gems. I think we ought to celebrate them in 2019 and evaluate what they’re doing If Colby feels h got the humor thing going.

He feels like people are sleeping on him but it’s misguided, as he’s a pretty solid dude. He raps well, produces dope beats, and has both the Henny and loud on deck. Something about “Put her on her cheeks, then I swear I’m a Sacramento King, that’s a triple-double threat” got me extremely hype. That’s just boss talk.

This is a jazzy R&B track with rap verses but the verses toe the line between rap and singing. Say that five times fast. The dynamic songwriter draws much influence from the 70s and 90s, along with the hyphy movement in California. He plays the piano and jazz saxophone, and has even composed for television programs. Colby is currently gearing up for the February 1st release of his appropriately named LP, Threat.

This comes just five months after his previous project Wes Wesso y’all know the vibe is for 2019. Everyone is working hard, but I’d keep a special eye out for 92 Colby. In terms of doing so many different things on your own and well, he very much so has a claim to being “The Dude.” Check it out!