Nov 20, 2018

6ix9ine is facing life behind bars.


by Mike_Squid


Late last night, controversial artist 6ix9ine was apprehended by federal authorities along with two ofter affiliates. While charges were unknown until today, we’re now hearing reports that the artist is faced with some serious charges. Among them, federal racketeering and firearms charges. Of the six counts he’s currently facing, two carry a maximum sentence of life in prison and mandatory minimums of twenty-five years.

The arrest follows an exceedingly turbulent week for Tekashi that saw him fire his management and distance himself from TreyWay. Several others were indicted as well as Tekashi, you can view the full list below of those apprehended. 6ix9ine’s new project Dummy Boy drops this Friday. Fans would be wise to enjoy it as it’s likely the last we’ll hear from the artist for the foreseeable future.