Dec 2, 2015

CT rapper Judah Da Beast celebrated his 21st birthday by dropping a fuego new mixtape.


by Duke


Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.10.07 PM

Judah Da Beast, part of the Hartford, CT area group GoldenBoyz, just turned 21-years old last week. While most of us focus on getting fucked up on our 21st, Judah wanted to do that PLUS record a whole new mixtape, 21 P’z. When I asked him what was different about this project versus what he’s been putting out previously, he told me,

“I recorded majority of the tape the night before my birthday trippin on acid. It brought a horrorcore and reserved vibe out of me, allowed me to have fun and free myself. It made me want to be a lot more lyrical; less catchy, corny hooks.”

I just ran through the whole project. It bangs. I’ve been following these kids for a minute and observing the growth, and Judah exemplifies that growth on 21 P’z. The production provides an immersive canvas for Judah & Co. to paint their story on, with “Sh!t”, “Issues” & “Awful Thing” really standing out. Judah blends modern rhyme schemes with classic vibes to bring you a truly unique sound on his birthday gift to fans. Stream 21 P’z in full below, you won’t be disappointed. Hartford shit.