Oct 18, 2019

“Yeah, this shit straight out the mud, but you won’t catch us leaning.”


by Malc


Atlanta-based rapper 2KBABY caught the eyes and ears of many with his breakout single “Old Streets.” The emotionally-driven record ultimately opened the doors for him to be Warner Records’ latest hitmaker. Today, 2K shares the visuals for his new single, “Dreaming.” The record is produced by Danny Hajj and Halfspun and directed by Joshua Valle. It catches the rising star entering an alternate universe while chasing the girl of his dreams. Along the way, 2KBABY unloads some impressive lyrics that will instantly draw you into the music video.

“They gone try to doubt you when they catch you dreaming / If I tell you that I love you then I really mean it,” 2K raps. Check out the music video below.

Take me back to your early years, what are some key moments that made you who you are today?

I remember being over my dad’s house with just my 2 little brothers and 2 little sisters. We didn’t have a lot but we made it shake with the little we did and always used our imagination to go anywhere. I used to be really artistic too drawing pictures my granny would put on the wall.

What initially made you gravitate to becoming an artist?

My brother got locked up so I started rapping to say “free my nigga.”

You put your first song, “Southside Story,” out at 15-years-old. How did it feel to see that record do numbers?

 It felt good and was surprising because my city is full of hate. So to see them support is rare.

Listening to the song, I instantly hear the G-Herbo influence. Is that an artist that you admire or would hope to work with in the future?

Yea that’s my favorite musician.

Comparing that to your newer music, how would you describe the growth?

I started using melodies this year when I moved to Atlanta. Before, it was really just an emcee style.

What made you change your name form Lil Sage to 2KBaby?

Because I was born in 2000 and it’s a G status.

“Old Streets” hasn’t even turned a few months old yet and it’s doing over a million Youtube plays. What do you think made that record do so well?

 It’s real and it’s genuine. Anybody from any walk of life and has experienced struggle can relate. I’m focused on only going up.

Walk me through the creative direction of “Dreamin,” was it you who put together the video concept?

 The video concept was mostly created by the director Josh Valle, he went crazy.

When people hear “Dreamin”, what do you want them to take away from it?

This song is about when you have a dream of being something beyond the regular. Even the closest to you will doubt in fear of you becoming a disappointment. But you gotta stay true to yourself while chasing the dream and hold on to those you love at the same time.

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