Sep 7, 2018

This high energy track will have you ready for the weekend.


by sawad



24hrs knows exactly what he’s looking for when it comes to features. He is one artist that truly understands how to choose his collaborations wisely in a matter that both styles will help make the song more cohesive. His most recent collab is titled “Bad Tings” and features a Chicago duo called, yes, youre reading this correctly, Badd Tattoo.

Badd Tattoo is comprised of two biological brothers named Chad & Rico. Although they are blood brothers, they each manage to represent a very different and unique style from the pop culture. Both having different stories to tell, they do so through an edgy fusion of future R&B and Hip Hop.

DeeMoney is the last piece to the cake. He’s the one responsible for the production of “Bad Tings”. The high energy beat he created allowed 24hrs and Badd Tattoo to give off a slight Caribbean sensation to the single.

Undeniably a hit, listen to the new song and let us know what you think.