Jul 27, 2017

Learn why one of Savage’s best singles was almost thrown away.


by liammccarthy


21 Savage recently sat down with Rob Markman of Genius for the latest installment of their IRL series. In the twelve-minute interview, the Atlanta rapper speaks on a wide range of subjects and makes a knife from scratch. One of the most intriguing parts of the conversation came when Savage began discussing the creative process behind his collaboration project with Metro Boomin. Speaking on Savage Mode, 21 said…

“That shit took so long. We prolly got four other Savage Mode’s because we was recording that shit for like a year and a half. That was supposed to come out before Slaughter Gang. There was certain songs I thought were whack as fuck, like No Heart. I wasn’t finna put No Heart on there but Metro did what he did, sent it to me and I was like, aight shit sound cool.”

Watch the full interview below to learn more about the ‘trap’ and gain further insights from Young Savage himself.