20 of the most savage lyrics from 21 Savage’s “Issa Album”

Young Savage lives up to his name throughout the new album.

21 Savage‘s debut “Issa Album” is being received exceptionally well across the board by both fans and critics alike. The 14-track project showcases a side of Savage that we haven’t seen before, as the Atlanta rapper expands his horizons towards more of a traditional hip-hop sound as opposed to the ‘murder music’ he’s delivered in the past.

Don’t get me wrong; “Issa” is full of street anthems that’ll satisfy your craving for heavy trap music, but 21 certainly took a more broad approach to the record as opposed to his 2016 release Savage Mode. 21 Savage is known to disregard any type of backlash regarding controversial lyrics and I’m thrilled that he sticks with this carefree approach on the new album.

After digesting the effort for a full day, I rounded up 20 of the most Savage lyrics found within “Issa Album.” Read them below.

Bank Account

“I be Gucci’d down, you wearing Lacoste and shit, bitch.”

“Pull up on your bitch, she say that I got that ruler dick.”

Close My Eyes

“Feel like I’m the last real rapper ’cause these niggas weird. Nah, these niggas queers, sippin’ Act, Cheers.”

“Drive by, shoot your doors off. Turn your four-door to a coupe, nigga.”

Bad Business

“I pull it out the boxers and then she lick it. I’m smoking on some moonrock, this shit is sticky. That Golden State troopers, I’m finna hit it.”

Baby Girl

“No more hot boxes, nigga, all my shit foreign. Red, red, pee in the bed, got a nigga snoring.”

“I pull up with the stick and let this bitch spark. Swear I would’ve shot that cracker if I was Rosa Parks.”

Thug Life

“Sunday, family coming over. Move the crack behind the toaster.”


“Used to leave your stove runnin’, stove runnin’. Now it’s Louis rags when my nose runnin.”

“If you ain’t suckin’ dick you get a early dismissal. We got your wifey at the spot, she tryna lick a pickle.”

“I can’t fall in love with a stank ho. Lil’ bitch I fell in love with the bank ho. And you know I love that good drank, ho.”

Dead People

“Hit ’em in the face, ‘fore you turn state. Gotta beat the case, we gon’ fuck your bae. We gon’ beat her face.”

“You keep callin’, I’m ignoring, bitch I’m single. You keep callin’, bitch I’m single like a pringle.”

Money Convo

“I got a Glock and it don’t jam, I blast niggas. You a lovey dovey buy a ring nigga. I’m the type to pass her to the team, nigga. You went and bought that bitch Céline, nigga?”

7 Min Freestyle

“And I’m ballin’ like Nowitzki, woah. I get head like Lewinsky.”

“We don’t want that pussy, we just want that toppy ho. And I don’t want it if the shit ain’t sloppy ho.”

“I won’t text her ’til she send nudes. She call my phone when the rent due. I ain’t got a dime for your stankin’ ass. Wash your behind with your stankin’ ass, bitch.”

“You just a pussy with some finger rolls. I can’t respect a nigga with cornrows. Broke nigga with your brother’s clothes.”

“Your bitch bad and I got her number. All her friends wanna throw a slumber. I might fuck all on that bitch mama.”

“But I put that bitch in Gucci Gucci. Man I fuck that bitch like she Karruche. I might lick that, do the oochie coochie.”