Dec 3, 2019

by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

1xBoom and BvbWizz have just unveiled a new banger, titled “1xWizz” which is just both of their names put together but nonetheless they fully deliver on the track. The duo hops on a highly rhythmic instrumental that’s anchored with strong 808s and has a very strong and distinct loop to it for the pair to perfectly lay their menacing verses over. BvbWizz starts the track out with his well-controlled flow over this instrumental and continues to dominate the beat until 1xBoom comes on in the back half. 1xBoom has always been gifted at riding the instrumental and this offering is no exception as he absolutely bodies this track and overall the duo has created a solid banger.

The music video is captured by @TwainMajor who has done a great job at constructing these hard-hitting visuals in the streets of Philly at nighttime. The pair has the support of all their guys surrounding them throughout the whole visual and it is a pretty traditional aesthetic for Philadelphia nowadays but this pair has undeniably dropped off a banger and for that reason, I recommend tuning in as soon as possible.

Enjoy “1xWizz” below!