Dec 3, 2019

by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

1Trap is quickly ascending out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and his latest offering, “Crank It Up” is an extremely prominent new track. Baton Rouge is undeniably a growing hotspot and David G has been linking with some of the hottest artists to assist them in blowing up, much as he did with NBA Youngboy. As talented as 1Trap is, these cinematic David G visuals have unquestionably enhanced how infectious this track is because it will have a multitude of fans rewinding the music video as soon as it ends. 1Trap has some incredibly strong vocals paired with a very well controlled delivery that makes for an awfully enticing track from the transition of the verses to the hook. I recommend getting hip to 1Trap soon because his future is too bright for him to continue flying under radars.

Enjoy “Crank It Up” below!