12 rappers that will ACTUALLY make your ears bleed

The rapper’s vocals will seriously perforate your eardrums.

A few weeks ago Pigeons and Planes published an article titled “9 Rappers That Will Make Your Ears Bleed“. We felt the list was seriously lacking and didn’t cause us any serious ear injuries. P&G’s writer’s ears must be quite fragile, which is understandable running a music blog, or they might just have different definition of  what’s ear bleeding. However we thought we should compile our own ear bleed list. First let me explain our criteria for what causes our inner ear contusions. 1. A rapper just rapping in a normal tone voice, we feel, doesn’t constitute being a rapper that will make your ears bleed. That’s really more of the producer. 2. The rapper’s vocals must be physically able to perforate your eardrums. With that being said, these are 12 rappers that will actually make your ears bleed.


If you are dealing with syringe’s more than likely you’re about to deal with some serious pain. If you have weak ears, a shot of Novocaine to the eardrum will do you well listening to Texa’s Syringe. His screaming vocals sound like they’ve been run through a table saw. Not only can Syringe, tear your head off with his raps, he’s got a sense of humor too with his troll-god level track “A” where he repeats ‘aye’ like hundreds of Soundcloud rappers today, only throughout the whole song as the tracks only lyrics.


Before you say ‘of course’, I mean… of course. How could we not include X? Not only has his song ‘look at me’ gotten some 2.5 million plays this week, but the success of which has actually brought way more attention to the other artists mentioned on this list. Here’s 2 fan favorites that you might not have heard if you are just getting turned on to this soon to be super star Florida rapper (as soon as he’s out of jail).


Tekashi69 is arguably the hardest one on this list, with only a handful of songs out. For instance in his video for ‘Exodia’ Ft. J-$tash his buddy appears to legit be shooting up heroine. Not that we condone that being cool at all. But it’s definitely represents a serious dark side. It’s heavy shit, and reflected in his rage infused tracks, you’ve been warned.

Craig Xen

The two song’s we’ve included from Craig Xen on this list are called “Bare Flesh” and “Death To He Who Cross Me”. What do you envision reading those titles? A lot of blood? ya us too.


Cameronazi is a new comer to the game who is showing a much darker side of the NYC music scene. His song ‘LAMES’ is one of the hardest songs we’ve probably ever heard right up there with X’s ‘Look At Me’ and Max P’s ‘GANG’. With ad-libs sounding like Megadeath samples, tt might be the perfect representation of a genre we’d call Trap Metal. His Murder Rate EP is not to be missed.

Max P

Max P is an ELEVATOR veteran by now, he snapped off last year with our release of his hit ‘GANG’ which even made an appearance on TV on the hit show Atlanta. Max has shown no signs of getting any softer. Let the record show some of his latest Soundcloud uploads.