100k Tucc is beginning to make the transformation from street legend to a bonafide artist. Tucc found a cult following in the streets of Nashville due to his shockingly real lyrics mixed with an unrelenting punchy delivery that endeared him to all living through the struggle his music personified, but his staccato, machine gun flow could only take him so far.

With his newest release “Patience” Tucc is beginning to grow into a true artist, as he learns to form melodies and different cadences around his trademark intensity. Make no mistake, Tucc still brings the raw street energy to his tracks, and each visual showcases the raw, unbridled talent that will make him a household name in the coming years.

LvBeatss and Topper Atwood collided to bring this banger together, and I am very excited to see what the young spitter has for us next.

Stream “Patience” here: