Nov 8, 2018

In the wake of Post Malone’s rise to stardom, the DFW metroplex has been producing non-stop heat.


by jmarkow



When it comes to music, Dallas has always faced harsh comparisons to Houston and while H-Town still holds it down – the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has been heating up. Many have been turning their eyes from the hotspots of South Florida and Atlanta to the city of Dallas which in the last year alone have produced chart-topping acts such as Post Malone, Tay-K, and Yella Beezy.

As it’s music scene continues to flourish, the city is beginning to produce artists that are rising to the national level at a rate many have never seen. From rap to metal, the scene in Dallas, TX is continuously pumping out music that is guaranteed to take over your speakers nationwide in the coming months. Here are some of Elevator’s favorite records that have broken out of the Lone Star state’s booming metroplex in the last year.

Splurge – Intro Part 2

Legend has it if you play this song while you’re home alone someone will break into your house.

Tay Money – MONEYWAY

It’s the money way bitch, we don’t even look at tags!

Lil Lotus – Bodybag ft. Coldhart

This one goes out to everyone who’s as depressed as I am.

Lil Dusty G – Dead End

Not gonna lie, Jandora outdid himself with this one.

10k – She Got Swag

Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty cosigned, what else is there to say.

S3nsi Molly – 223 ft. Lil Brook 

5 racks then I turned it into 10 Aye!!!

Juan Mone – Outro

Oops my bad, is that your bitch?

UnityTX  – The Come Up 

*Opens up mosh pit*

Scum – i hope it hurts 

This is the song that I send to girls after they break up with me.

Lil Lucifer – see me trying 

This kid has the most badass name in the game, don’t @ me.